Jury Trials

Rob Latham has won eight jury trial acquittals for his clients (five of all charges, three of at least one or more charges), including:

Second District Court-Bountiful. Mr. Latham’s client was accused by a younger step-sibling of repeated episodes of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, all first degree felony charges with mandatory imprisonment upon conviction. Following nearly 18 months of investigation and litigation, Mr. Latham and a colleague tried the case to a jury, whose members returned a not guilty verdict on all counts.

North Salt Lake Justice Court. Mr. Latham’s client was accused of possession of marijuana after denying permission to the Davis Metro Narcotics Strike Force to search the home of an absent friend for whom he was house-sitting. The accused was detained outside his friend’s residence while a warrant was obtained. Officers searched the accused’s person, but no contraband was found. After the accused’s friend arrived and the search warrant was executed, contraband was found inside the residence. The accused was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Mr. Latham tried the case to a jury, whose members returned a not guilty verdict.

Davis County Justice Court. Mr. Latham’s client was accused of driving under the influence. Mr. Latham tried the case to a jury, whose members acquitted his client.

Right to be Free from Unreasonable Seizure and Search

Several of Mr. Latham’s clients have had their cases dismissed after he challenged in court the manner in which law enforcement officers acquired their evidence. Mr. Latham has successfully challenged searches based on canine sniffs, and seizures yielding felony amounts of controlled substances.


Mr. Latham successfully appealed a termination of parental rights for a parent before the Utah Court of Appeals in In re B.T.B., 2018 UT App 157, certiorari granted March 18, 2019 (audio of oral argument – April 2018) and successfully defended against an appeal for a municipal client before the Utah Court of Appeals in Specht v. Big Water Town, 2007 UT App 335 (audio of oral argument – September 2007).

Other Legal Matters

Clients also retain Mr. Latham to petition for an expungement of a criminal conviction, or handle delinquency, abuse, or neglect matters in juvenile court.

Mr. Latham also counsels and represents clients in guardianship, conservatorship, and ward representation matters. He also has experience in election law matters and government relations.

He has produced hundreds of hours of televised Continuing Legal Education programs on a variety of subjects for the American Bar Association.

Mr. Latham also has experience as a registered lobbyist is and honored to have represented the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Utah Association of Realtors before the Utah Legislature.